Ezell Bown is an education reformer with a history of success

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Ezell Bown is an education reformer with a history of success. He is also a businessman who works in the education field, an investor, an entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. Probably the single most important role that Ezell Brown fulfills, though, is serving as Chairman of the Education Online Services Corporation. The goal of this company is to increase the financial viability and long-term growth of the educational institutions that the company partners with in order help them to improve upon their online learning programs. The end-goal is to foster academic excellence through the use of innovative new systems and 21st century technology.

The vision of Education Online Services Corporation, the vision that Chairman Ezell Brown is charged with overseeing, is to provide the world’s best online higher education degree program solutions. Education Online Services Corporation has demonstrated a commitment to high quality customer service, integrity, and innovation, all of which make a major difference to their educational partners. However, it also makes a different to the local community, the students who are able to obtain degrees through this system, and to the world in general. Ezell Brown is proud to play a leadership role in this effort.

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